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Pro Vocal Series

Course Overview

Offered from the Singing Whisperer Vocal Series
From Septien School of Music

Semi-Private Course from the Top Music Career
Educational/Artist Development Studio!

Linda Septien

Linda Septien is deemed one of the foremost authorities today on music industry career voice branding! From Allure Magazine, The Talent Code, Success Magazine, Nightline, and many others… Linda Septien is the “go to star maker” in this rapidly trending commerce. She is known as the “Singing Whisperer” because of her detailed insight into the world of commercial music!

Who Should Attend This Course

  • Voice teachers who need to know much more about the commercial voice as well as stage presence for the successful artist!
  • Singers who need to up their game in stage presence!
  • Singers who need a social platform to help get more views and fans!
  • All of those wannabes who really want a good look at the music industry!

Course Overview:

Are you ready to go to an advanced level in singing? Ready to get married to your music career? The informative seminars listed below will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to go outside your comfort zone, along with amazing illustrations (both visually & medically) to improve your performance on stage! Linda’s proprietary vocal exercises will be included in each class!

1. HOW TO TELL A STORY WITH YOUR SONG – How to scat like no one else –  If you have ever wondered how you can work to sound like  Tory Kelly or Christina Aguilera controlled scats,, this session will answer how to work on clean scats, riffs, and quick notes! 

2. HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN TOURING FOR YEARS! – Timed gestures on stage –  This is an amazing seminar about how to look like you have been touring for years!  Each body has certain timed gestures.  This session will have you confident with your body, your timing and your vocals to match the body timing!

3. WHAT ARE THE TRICKS FOR EXTENDING MY TOP BELT ACCORDING MEDICALLY AND ENERGY DRIVEN? What is the best way to find your top belt?  Tough seminar, as belt is a placement and a subglottal issue for all singers.  Be ready to get tired…..didn’t say damage…said tired! When you work out, does a muscle or two get tired?  What do you think vocal folds (cords) are????

4. I NEED THE SECRETS FOR HEAD VOICE THAT WILL CREATE A COOL SOUND! How can I use head voice for female and falsetto for male to grow my songwriting, my melodies, and my sound?  I don’t want to sound like a classical singer…just want to use a light airy placement that will help tell a story.

5. CAN LINDA HELP ME FIND MY MIX IN ONE HOUR?  What  is “mix” anyway?   Linda Septien knows how to get you there in one lesson. There are two mixes: head mix and belt mix… which one are you using ?

6. SPOTIFY – WHAT ARE THE TRADE SECRETS OF A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN?   Why do my songs on Spotify not get the attention they deserve?  Here are the secrets to creating campaigns from the three major distributors of Spotify ….. step by step BEFORE YOU introduce the finished product!

7. MY VOICE IS BLAH…NEED SOME HELP WITH COLORS OF THE VOICE! How to “color” your voice – vocal texturizations that will make a song come alive! This seminar is a must for all singers! It is not how to sing…but, how to SELL YOUR VOICE!!!!!  Know how to tell a story while you sing, not just speak!  Here’s your chance to learn how!

8. CREATIVE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN MUSIC!   YES… there are ways other than the obvious!  And it doesn’t include traditional streaming… This is about engagement!

9. STAGE BANTER, STAGE DRESS, AND STAGE BODY! How to combine all of them into one unique brand!

10. READY TO PRODUCE YOUR SONGS?  Let Linda  tell you the top 15 ways to create a budget and not be overcharged!

11. 7 WAYS TO BECOME VIRAL IN MUSIC – The how to’s of working daily to become an overnight success.



What are the best and healthiest ways to
enter the music industry as a minor?


And there is money to be made!

Ready to do something with your talent while you have time?

Now is your chance to try SEG out for a fraction of the cost! SEG is a professional music career educational/artist development studio and Linda Septien has never before offered this special pricing at $397 per month!

Take these pivotal sessions with her from the convenience of your own home! This is an amazing opportunity!

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Who Is Septien Entertainment?

SEG has been training top tier talent since 1986! SEG is an artist development based group for emerging artists or potential career artists who desire the music industry as a lifetime career. Named the premier place to train and study the music industry by NY Times Best Seller “The Talent Code,” The Dallas Observer, Good Morning Texas, Allure Magazine, Success Millionaire Magazine, Nightline, and many regional media outlets…SEG is recognized for an outstanding history of launching chart-topping artists with Universal, Sony, Warner Bros. and many independent labels. SEG Alumni include Demi Lovato, Leon Bridges, Zach Herron: Why Don’t We, Selena Gomez, Kidz Bop, Jessica Simpson and Kacey Musgraves… to name 7 out of the artists 70 performing today!

With over 30 years of service and more than 16,000 clients from all over the world, SEG coaches are top-tier professionals equipped with the top training techniques from brain to body movements. SEG coaches, who average 7 years training with the company, are thrilled to be sharing their years of experience with their artists! Get started today!